The 1949 Cadillac Custom Convertible is a unique masterpiece designed by the legendary Bob Westbury. This car underwent an extensive rotisserie nut and bolt restoration that ensured the car’s top condition. From the beautiful deep black paint to the convertible Carson-style top, this car has it all.

Bob Westbury was known for his unique designs and contributions to the automotive industry. He started building cars at a young age and became known for his design philosophy, which emphasized simplicity and elegance.

The restoration process involved a rotisserie nut and bolt restoration, ensuring the car’s undercarriage was in top condition. Body modifications, such as smoothing, chopping, and decking, were also made. Some custom exterior upgrades include black Mercedes-Benz headlights, shaved door handles, ’56 Chevy front bumper, ’91 Cadillac taillights, and Carson-style convertible top.

The interior design of the car was a Sid Chavers creation. Custom interior upgrades include a smoothed dash, modern gauges, Budnik steering wheel with GM tilt column, console with built-in metal cooler with drain, and an alpine sound system. The trunk is completely upholstered and holds the custom stainless steel fuel tank and CD changer.

The car’s engine features a built 454 with a Walter Prosper custom air cleaner. It’s coupled with a GM 350 transmission and Curtis 9″ rear end. The custom Flowmaster exhaust system adds to the car’s sweet sound.

The front suspension is from a 1979 Cadillac and has been grafted into the original frame. The rear suspension has handcrafted ladder bars and Carerra coilovers. Power Wilwood disc brakes are at all four corners, ensuring maximum stopping power.

One of the most unique features of the car is the Foose wheels. These wheels are known for their uniqueness and are often featured in custom car builds. The impact of the Foose wheels on the overall design of the car is significant, making it stand out from other cars.

In conclusion, the 1949 Cadillac Custom Convertible is a unique masterpiece that represents the epitome of style and elegance. Bob Westbury’s contribution to the automotive industry is notable, and this car is a testament to his design philosophy. The car underwent an extensive restoration process, ensuring that every aspect of the car is in top condition. From the undercarriage to the Foose wheels, every detail of the car is meticulously crafted.


  1. Who designed the 1949 Cadillac Custom Convertible?
    Bob Westbury is the legendary designer and builder of the 1949 Cadillac Custom Convertible.
  2. What is the importance of the undercarriage in car restoration?
    The undercarriage is important in car restoration because it provides support and stability to the car. A well-maintained undercarriage ensures that the car runs smoothly and is safe to drive.
  3. What is the significance of the Sid Chavers creation in the car’s interior design?
    Sid Chavers is known for his unique and elegant designs in car interiors. His influence on the interior design of the 1949 Cadillac Custom Convertible adds to the overall style and elegance of the car.
  4. What is the horsepower of the custom-built engine of the car?
    The custom-built engine of the car has a horsepower of 454.
  5. How many Foose wheels are on the car?
    The car is wrapped in Foose wheels, and there are four wheels in total.