The 1956 Chevrolet Nomad Station Wagon is a classic car that is known for its unique and distinctive design. Only 7,886 examples of the Nomad were produced in 1956, making it a rare and coveted vehicle among car enthusiasts. This particular Nomad has been transformed into a restomod with modern upgrades, making it both a classic car and a high-performance machine.

History and Restoration

According to reports, this 1956 Chevrolet Nomad Station Wagon was found wedged between two sheds in Montana before a restoration process began. The car had been under the same ownership for nearly half a century before it was restored to its current condition. The restoration process included a gradual restoration that resulted in a dropped ride height and a powerful small-block V8 engine.


This Nomad is powered by a non-original clone of the small-block V8 from the first-generation Corvette. It has a compression ratio of 9.5:1 and is equipped with dual Carter WCFB four-barrel carburetors, the “Duntov” performance camshaft, correct linkages, and correct intake and exhaust manifolds. The engine breathes through dual exhausts with Flowmaster mufflers, and the seller reports that the engine starts immediately without smoke. The transmission is an upgraded Borg-Warner four-speed transmission with a floor shifter, and the seller states that it shifts perfectly. The engine bay is very clean, but a variety of leaks are noted.


This Nomad is finished in correct factory colors, according to the seller. The paint is from 2012 and is described as “excellent,” with only a small dimple on one front fender as the only noted blemish. The body seals are stated to be new and in “perfect” condition. The chrome appears to be complete and in excellent condition in the photos provided. The glass is reported to be all new and damage-free. All lighting is described as operable, and the underside of the car presents as very clean.


The seller states that a full CARS Inc. interior kit, in correct factory colors, has been installed during the restoration. The materials present as being in excellent condition, with no visible damage. The carpeting and headliner are both described as “perfect.” The factory instrumentation has been rebuilt, and is augmented by engine gauges mounted in the radio filler plate. A Sun tachometer and Hurst Competition Plus shifter have been installed, and a 16-inch steering wheel has been added. The seller says that the original wheel will be included in the sale. There is no audio system, but wires for an amplifier have reportedly been installed. The heater is said to be operable, and the cargo area presents as very clean.


According to the seller, this Nomad has a 2-inch ride drop with Camaro front spindles and disc brake rotors. All chassis components were reportedly replaced 2,262 miles ago, with no stated functional issues or damage, and the chassis was laser-aligned at the same time. The front disc, rear drum brakes are said to be capable of locking the wheels. The chrome reverse rims and hubcaps show no damage, and the mounting tires have 95 percent estimated tread life remaining. The seller notes a slight weep from the power steering, but otherwise, the chassis is in excellent condition.

Return to Stock

The seller states that the car could be easily returned to factory stock. However, the car’s current restomod configuration offers many benefits that might appeal to some buyers, such as increased performance and modern amenities.


The 1956 Chevrolet Nomad Station Wagon is a classic car with a unique design that has been transformed into a restomod with modern upgrades. This particular Nomad has a powerful small-block V8 engine, a dropped ride height, and modern amenities that make it both a classic car and a high-performance machine. Its exterior and interior are in excellent condition, and its chassis is clean and well-maintained. While the car could be returned to factory stock, its current configuration offers many benefits that might appeal to buyers.