This remarkable 1957 Buick Century Convertible has been meticulously restored, presenting a rust-free body painted in a captivating two-tone combination of Garnet Red and Shell Beige. The stunning exterior perfectly complements the matching interior, creating an unforgettable aesthetic. With its new power convertible top in striking red, this car stands out from the crowd. Furthermore, it is one of only 4,085 Century Convertibles manufactured in that year, making it a rare gem in automotive history.

The Sporty Elegance of the Buick Century

The Buick Century was thoughtfully designed to cater to a younger audience seeking a fusion of luxury and performance. Its lightweight and compact body housed a powerful engine, setting the stage for a sporty yet elegant driving experience. In 1957, the Century boasted a 364 CI V-8 engine, delivering an impressive 300 HP. The car’s body was six inches shorter and approximately 300 pounds lighter than its Roadmaster counterpart, the source of its engine. This exceptional performance earned it the nickname ‘the banker’s hot rod’ and caught the attention of the California Highway Patrol, who procured a substantial number of Century hardtops for their fleet.

A Restored Interior that Exudes Luxury

The interior of this Century Convertible has been lavishly refinished and restored to its former glory. From top to bottom, no detail has been overlooked. With power windows and seats, the utmost convenience is at your fingertips. An upgraded Buick cassette player radio, along with a hidden CD changer in the glovebox, ensures that you can enjoy your favorite tunes while cruising in style. Every journey becomes an immersive experience in this meticulously crafted automobile.

Power and Performance in Harmony

Beneath the hood, the 364 cubic inch V-8 engine breathes through a new dual exhaust system, delivering an exhilarating roar. The Turbine Dynaflow transmission flawlessly transfers power to the wheels, ensuring a smooth and seamless driving experience. With power steering and power brakes, maneuvering and parking become effortless tasks. The captivating chrome accents are beautifully showcased by the wire wheels and whitewall tires, further enhancing the car’s allure.

Highlighted Features:

  • One of 4,085 produced in 1957: Experience the exclusivity of owning a rare piece of automotive history.
  • 364/300 HP V-8 engine: Unleash the power of the robust V-8 engine, ensuring an adrenaline-pumping drive.
  • Comprehensive restoration: Meticulous attention to detail guarantees a car that captures the essence of its glory days.
  • Rust-free body: Enjoy the impeccable condition of the body, free from the damaging effects of rust.
  • Two-tone Garnet Red over Shell Beige exterior: The visually striking combination adds a touch of elegance to the car’s aesthetic.
  • Refinished interior from top to bottom: Revel in the luxurious atmosphere created by the meticulously restored interior.
  • Power windows and seats: Convenience and comfort are seamlessly integrated into the driving experience.
  • Power steering and brakes: Effortless maneuvering and precise control enhance every journey.
  • New power convertible top: Embrace the open road with the touch of a button, enjoying the freedom of a convertible.
  • Upgraded Buick radio with cassette player: Relish the nostalgia and listen to your favorite tunes with the high-quality audio system.
  • CD changer in the glove box and more: Experience the convenience of a hidden CD changer, providing entertainment on the go.
  • Push-button starter: Begin your adventures with a touch of vintage charm.
  • Turbine Dynaflow transmission: Seamlessly transition between gears for a smooth and enjoyable ride.
  • New dual exhaust: Revel in the captivating sound and performance of the revitalized exhaust system.
  • 122-inch wheelbase: The balanced proportions of the vehicle ensure stability and agility.
  • 15-inch Whitewall tires and chrome wheels: The classic aesthetic is further enhanced by the timeless combination of whitewall tires and chrome wheels.


The 1957 Buick Century Convertible is a testament to the golden age of automotive design and engineering. With its captivating two-tone exterior, meticulously restored interior, and powerful performance, this classic masterpiece promises an unforgettable driving experience. As you cruise down the open road, you’ll feel the allure of a bygone era, relishing in the perfect blend of luxury and performance that the Buick Century embodies.


1. How many 1957 Buick Century Convertibles were produced?

  • Only 4,085 Century Convertibles were manufactured in 1957, making them a rare find today.

2. What engine does the 1957 Buick Century Convertible have?

  • The 1957 Buick Century Convertible is equipped with a 364 CI V-8 engine, delivering an impressive 300 HP.

3. Does the car have power features?

  • Yes, the Century Convertible boasts power windows and seats, providing added convenience and comfort.

4. Are there any modern upgrades in the car?

  • Yes, the car features an upgraded Buick cassette player radio and a CD changer hidden in the glovebox for a touch of modern entertainment.

5. What makes the Buick Century Convertible special?

  • The Buick Century Convertible stands out for its blend of luxury and performance, earning it the nickname ‘the banker’s hot rod’ and making it a sought-after choice among discerning customers.