The introduction of the 1959 Impala marked the beginning of a remarkable legacy, with its sales steadily increasing year after year, eventually breaking records in the domestic market. It was a pivotal moment in automotive history when, in 1965, the Chevrolet Impala became the first car in the United States to exceed one million units sold in a single year. Reflecting on the origins of this success, the 1958 and 1959 models present a unique opportunity.

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A truly awe-inspiring specimen, the 1959 Impala showcased by eBay seller 1958stevea (currently listed for sale by S&S Classic Cars) boasts a remarkable allure that surpasses that of a brand-new vehicle.

From every angle, it achieves a flawless presentation, both in its exterior and interior, while the engine bay exudes perfection.

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Equipped with a 350 (5.7-liter) small-block V8 engine coupled with a 350 Turbo transmission, this Impala is prepared for any adventure you may embark upon. However, its rightful place seems to be within the confines of a garage, nestled alongside other impeccably maintained classic automobiles.

The seller has thoughtfully outlined the numerous enhancements made to this Impala, ranging from a stylish chrome alternator and power steering pump to the inclusion of MagnaFlow mufflers and an HEI ignition system.


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The video shared by the seller grants us the privilege of admiring this Impala in all its magnificent glory. It comes as no surprise that many individuals with considerable means are willing to invest a substantial fortune in acquiring this automotive masterpiece. At the time of composing this piece, the bidding on eBay has already surpassed an impressive $110,000, and the reserve price has yet to be met.

What is even more astonishing is the fact that the Impala has garnered an impressive 35 bids, indicating that it has captivated the attention of numerous affluent collectors eagerly vying for its ownership.