The battle between two iconic Camaros – the Big Red Camaro and the 2014 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 – has been a topic of interest for car enthusiasts since February 2014. Chevrolet unveiled their latest performance car to the automotive magazine community and invited each magazine to bring their own contender to compete against the new Z/28. Hot Rod Magazine selected Big Red, the all-purpose open road destroyer, to take up the challenge. However, the problem was that the race setup was not Big Red’s specialty. She was set up for a straight line Bonneville land speed race, which was entirely different from the traditional road course racing setup required to compete.

The two cars were compared in terms of their horsepower, technology, and material. The Z/28 makes over 500 horsepower, whereas Big Red has over 800. The Z/28 is made of modern technology, carbon fiber, and alloy parts, while Big Red is an old steel car. The Z/28 has bigger brakes and is way more aerodynamic than Big Red. However, Big Red is a powerhouse with more torque and horsepower than the Z/28.

To compete in the upcoming race, Big Red had to undergo a massive transformation. Everything from the front to the back of the car had to be changed, including the engine, transmission, and rear end. Big Red’s team had to work tirelessly for a month to modify the car to make it suitable for the road course race.

To prepare for the race, the team rented Barber Motorsports Park for a day to give the driver an opportunity to learn the course intimately. The course was technical, with many blind turns, elevation changes, and short straightaways. However, Big Red was still expected to perform well on some of the exits and take advantage of the straightaways.

On race day, the Z/28 had the advantage in handling and braking due to its modern technology and electronics. However, Big Red had the advantage in power and straight-line speed. The race was not going to be easy, and Big Red might not beat the Z/28, but it was sure to be a close match.

The battle between the two iconic Camaros is an excellent example of how classic American muscle cars can still compete with modern innovation. Even though the Z/28 has advanced technology and modern features, Big Red’s old-school charm and raw power made it a formidable contender. The results of the race can be found in Hot Rod Magazine.

In conclusion, the race between Big Red and the 2014 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 was a highly anticipated event for car enthusiasts. The two cars were very different, with the Z/28 having modern technology and electronics, while Big Red had raw power and old-school charm. The race was not easy for Big Red, but it put up a good fight and showed that classic American muscle cars can still compete with modern innovation.