Jay Leno, the famous comedian and television host, is not only known for his humor but also for his love of cars, especially American muscle cars. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of Jay Leno’s favorite pieces of American Muscle, as seen in a YouTube video with Sean Evans from The Drive.

The video starts with Sean Evans and Jay Leno at Jay’s garage in Burbank, which is a haven for any car enthusiast. Jay proceeds to show off some of his favorite American muscle cars, and the first one is a 1966 Coronet. This car is a prime example of what is known as a “muscle car.” It has a green exterior, bucket seats, and most importantly, a 426 Hemi engine. According to Jay, the Hemi engine is the key to these cars. They may not stop or turn well, but in a straight line, they were incredibly fast.

Jay mentions that these cars came with a 90-day warranty, which meant that after three months, the owner was on their own. He also points out that the car’s technology is quite primitive by today’s standards. The 1966 Coronet, for example, has no traction control or ABS.

Next up is a 1970 Dodge Challenger, another car with a Hemi engine. This car had the looks to match its power, with hood pins, wheels, and styling that made it look like a sporty racing car. According to Jay, the Challenger was much faster than the Coronet, but compared to modern cars, it’s not particularly impressive.

Sean then asks Jay about his preferences between the classic muscle cars and the newer ones, like the Hellcat. Jay admits that the older cars seemed incredibly fast back in the day, but compared to modern cars, they don’t quite measure up. He thinks that newer cars are more enjoyable to drive, even if they don’t have the same raw power as the older ones.

Jay also talks about the idea of resto-modding, where older cars are updated with modern technology to create a muscle car that’s both powerful and reliable. Jay shows off his own resto-modded Buick Electra, which he bought for $350 in 1972. Today, the car has a 572 big block engine and disc brakes, making it capable of blowing off Porsches and Corvettes at stoplights.

Another car that Jay shows off is a 1966 Oldsmobile Toronado. This car was the first front-wheel drive American car in 30 years when it was released. Jay’s version has been converted to rear-wheel drive and has a 427 engine with twin turbochargers that produce over 1,000 horsepower.

Jay also talks about the ultimate restomod he and his team built, which was featured in Hot Rod Magazine. It’s a 1966 Tornado with a 427 engine and twin turbochargers that produce over 1,000 horsepower. The car has custom-made wheels and a chassis that was built from scratch.

In conclusion, Jay Leno’s love of American muscle cars is well-known, and his garage is a testament to his passion. He believes that the older cars are impressive in their own right, but compared to modern cars, they fall short. However, with the right modifications, older cars can be updated to compete with modern muscle cars while still retaining their classic looks. Whether it’s a 1966 Coronet or a 1970 Challenger, Jay’s garage is a paradise for any car enthusiast.