If you’re a car enthusiast, you know that the ’66 Chevelle is a classic muscle car that continues to turn heads even today. But what happens when you take a hot young builder from Las Vegas and an owner willing to go deep? You get a 900HP Big Block Widebody ’66 Chevelle Pro-Touring that is sure to leave you in awe. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at this masterpiece and see what makes it so special.

The Build Process

The Sheet Metal Fabrication

One of the most impressive things about this ’66 Chevelle is the sheet metal fabrication. The car has been widened by six inches, and the front fenders have been widened by two inches. The rockers have also been stretched by three inches, giving the car a widebody look. The sheet metal work on this car is truly impressive, and it’s a testament to the skill of the team at Nostalgia Hot Rods.

Widening the Car

Widening a car is no easy feat, but the team at Nostalgia Hot Rods tackled it with ease. They added six inches to the car’s width, making it look even more aggressive than it already did. The front fenders were widened by two inches, and the rockers were stretched by three inches. The end result is a car that looks like it’s ready to take on any challenge.

The Engine and Horsepower

Under the hood of this ’66 Chevelle is a 565 cubic inch big block Chevy engine. The engine is all Dart stuff and is made of aluminum, including the block and heads. It’s an 8,000 RPM monster that produces around 900 horsepower. With that kind of power, this car can go from 0-60 in just a few seconds.

Chassis Fabrication and Air Ride Technology

The team at Nostalgia Hot Rods didn’t just focus on the engine and sheet metal work. They also built the chassis from scratch, using 2×5 construction. The car is on air ride technology, using shock waves and a management system called Level Ride. This allows the car to ride smoothly on any surface, making it perfect for both the track and the street.

Interior Design

The interior of this ’66 Chevelle is just as impressive as the exterior. The team at Nostalgia Hot Rods used peanut butter and black suede for the upholstery, giving the car a luxurious feel. There are four bucket seats and two Holley digital dashes. The interior was designed to be elegant, similar to an Audi RS7.

The Finished Product

Race Car Performance

This ’66 Chevelle was built to be a race car, and it certainly lives up to that reputation. The car can go from 0-60 in just a few seconds, and it can reach top speeds of over 150 MPH. The car is designed to handle well on the track, with a chassis and suspension system that can take on any challenge.

Design Details

While the performance of this ’66 Chevelle is impressive, the design details are what really make it stand out. The car has a widebody look that makes it look more aggressive than ever before. The peanut butter and black suede interior is elegant and luxurious, while the exterior is bold and intimidating. The car is a perfect balance of form and function, and it’s sure to turn heads wherever it goes.

Estimated Cost of the Build

Building a car like this is no small feat, and it certainly comes with a hefty price tag. The estimated cost of the build is north of half a million dollars. That’s a significant investment, but when you see the finished product, it’s clear that every penny was well-spent.

Owner’s Feedback

The owner of this ’66 Chevelle is thrilled with the finished product. He’s proud to own a car that is both beautiful and powerful. He loves the way the car handles on the track, and he enjoys taking it out for a spin on the street. This car is truly a dream come true for him.

Video Showcasing the Car

If you want to see this ’66 Chevelle in action, you can watch the video created by Nostalgia Hot Rods. The video showcases the car’s performance on the track and on the street, as well as its design details. It’s clear that the team at Nostalgia Hot Rods put a lot of time and effort into this car, and the end result is truly impressive.

Behind the Scenes

Owner’s Accident and How It Affected the Video

One thing you might notice in the video is that the owner is not present. This is because he was involved in a pretty serious accident the day before the video was shot. He had over 20 stitches in his lower lip and needed time to heal. This is a reminder that even though these cars are built for performance, safety should always be a top priority.

Upcoming Videos and Plans for the Channel

Despite the owner’s accident, Nostalgia Hot Rods is still producing videos and showcasing their incredible builds. They have plans for upcoming videos and compilations, and they’re excited to share them with their viewers.

Thank You Message to Viewers

Finally, the team at Nostalgia Hot Rods would like to thank their viewers for their continued support. They’re grateful for the opportunity to showcase their builds and share their passion for cars with others. They’re excited to continue creating content and pushing the limits of what’s possible in the world of hot rods.


In conclusion, the 900HP Big Block Widebody ’66 Chevelle Pro-Touring is an incredible car that is sure to impress any car enthusiast. From the sheet metal work to the engine and chassis fabrication, every detail has been carefully crafted to create a masterpiece. This car is a testament to the skill and passion of the team at Nostalgia Hot Rods, and it’s a must-see for anyone who loves cars.