When it comes to classic muscle cars, few can compare to the 1968 Camaro SS396 with its factory L78 375HP engine and Muncie 4spd transmission. And when it comes to Canadian drag racing history, few cars are as iconic as Bob West’s Camaro that tore up the tracks at the Edmonton International Speedway in the late 70s. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the history and legacy of Bob West’s 1968 Camaro SS396 4Spd L78 and its impact on the Canadian drag racing scene.

History of Bob West’s Camaro

Bob West’s Camaro began its life as a 1968 Camaro SS396 with a factory L78 375HP engine and a Muncie 4spd transmission. However, over time, it underwent several modifications, including swapping out the factory transmission for a built T400 and adding 4:88 gears to improve consistency. Bob West used the car as his personal bracket car and even drove it as a daily driver at times.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Bob West’s Camaro is its rarity. Despite seeing many cars with 375HP air cleaner stickers at car shows today, very few were actually made, especially in Canada. Bob West’s Camaro was a true rarity in its time and even more so today.

Sponsorship and the Drag Racing Community

Bob West was sponsored by a local garage called KarGo Automotive, which was a popular hangout spot for many drag racing enthusiasts. The garage was like a second home to Bob West and the many friendships he made in the drag racing community over the years were invaluable to him. In many ways, the 70s were an incredible time for drag racing, and Speedway Park in Edmonton was loved by many in the community.

Restoration and Sale at Barrett Jackson

Bob West’s Camaro was eventually restored to its original color and L78 powertrain configuration. The factory color was Matador Red with a white nose stripe and a black interior, and the car was a true beauty to behold. Sometime in the 90s, the car was sold at Barrett Jackson, and it became part of the lore of Canadian drag racing history.


Bob West’s 1968 Camaro SS396 4Spd L78 was a true icon of Canadian drag racing history. Its rarity, modifications, and sponsorship made it a legend in the drag racing community. Its restoration and sale at Barrett Jackson cemented its place in automotive history. We can only imagine the memories and experiences that Bob West had with this car, and we’re grateful for the legacy it has left behind.