Rediscovering the 1957 Pontiac Star Chief Safari Wagon

When it comes to classic cars, the 1957 Pontiac Star Chief Safari Wagon stands as a symbol of timeless elegance and automotive innovation. This iconic vehicle, unveiled at the Kissimmee 2021 auction, continues to captivate car enthusiasts and collectors alike. Let’s delve into the specifications, history, and unique features that make this Safari Wagon a true gem.

Unveiling the Specifications

Transmission: Automatic

Exterior Color: Black

Interior Color: Black/White

Make: Pontiac

Model: Star Chief

Body Style: Safari Wagon

Auction: Kissimmee 2021

The Safari Wagon’s Allure

The 1957 Pontiac Star Chief Safari Wagon is a rare find, boasting factory air conditioning, a powerful V-8 engine, and an automatic transmission. Its factory black exterior, complemented by a black and white interior, exudes sophistication and style. This classic car also comes equipped with notable features, including an in-dash clock, AM radio, Continental kit, chrome bumpers, and wide whitewall tires.

A Glimpse into History

This remarkable vehicle hails from an era when Chevrolet Nomad and Pontiac Safari introduced the concept of sport wagons to the world. The Safari, in particular, served as a canvas for showcasing innovative styling, premium materials, and a plethora of standard and optional amenities. Notably, 1957 marked the debut of Pontiac’s 287 CI V-8 engine, making it part of the Safari’s standard equipment.

Although the Nomad outsold the Safari primarily due to its lower price point, the Safari’s higher cost made it a more exclusive and rarer choice. With only 1,296 units produced in 1957, this Safari Wagon is a testament to Pontiac’s commitment to uniqueness and luxury.

The Luxury that Set Pontiac Apart

During the early 1950s, Pontiac faced the prospect of closure as its sales declined among elderly motorists who favored conservative styling and robust engineering. However, a new generation of well-paid young buyers entered the market, prompting Pontiac to reinvent itself. The Safari played a pivotal role in this transformation, offering a blend of luxury, sportiness, and wagon practicality.

Priced approximately 20% higher than the Nomad, the Safari delivered exceptional value with its fresh styling, premium materials, abundant amenities, and impressive performance. It’s safe to say that the Safari laid the foundation for Pontiac’s new image as a brand with a focus on luxury and sportiness.

In conclusion, the 1957 Pontiac Star Chief Safari Wagon remains an enduring symbol of automotive excellence. Its unique combination of style, luxury, and innovation set it apart in the classic car world. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a casual enthusiast, the Safari Wagon is a must-see piece of automotive history.


  1. How rare is the 1957 Pontiac Star Chief Safari Wagon? The 1957 Safari Wagon is exceptionally rare, with only 1,296 units produced, making it a highly sought-after classic car.
  2. What makes the Safari Wagon unique among classic cars? The Safari Wagon’s uniqueness lies in its combination of luxury features, sporty styling, and wagon practicality, setting it apart from its competitors.
  3. What is the significance of the Safari Wagon in Pontiac’s history? The Safari Wagon played a vital role in redefining Pontiac’s brand image, transitioning it from a conservative brand to one focused on luxury and sportiness.
  4. Are there any modern cars inspired by the 1957 Pontiac Star Chief Safari Wagon? While there may not be direct modern counterparts, the Safari’s blend of style and practicality has influenced the design of many contemporary SUVs and crossovers.
  5. Where can I learn more about classic cars like the 1957 Pontiac Star Chief Safari Wagon? You can explore classic car enthusiasts’ forums, museums, and automotive publications to discover more about these timeless vehicles