The 1985 Dodge Diplomat stands as a testament to the golden era of American engineering. Despite its thirst for fuel and traditional features, this V8-powered, rear-wheel-drive automobile captured the hearts of many. Often spotted in the hands of police departments nationwide, the Dodge Diplomat became an iconic symbol of power and reliability. In this article, we delve into the features, history, and current condition of the 1985 Dodge Diplomat, showcasing its unique charm and enduring appeal.

A Mid-Size Marvel: The Dodge Diplomat

Under the M-body platform, the Dodge Diplomat emerged as a mid-size car, making its presence known from 1977 to 1989. While the nameplate had been utilized previously, it was during this era that the Dodge Diplomat truly left its mark. Equipped with a 318 cubic inch V8 engine, this vehicle boasted remarkable performance and a commanding presence on the road. The police edition, on the other hand, enjoyed a more powerful 360 engine. Following a restyle in 1980, the Diplomat underwent minimal changes until Chrysler discontinued production at the end of the decade. Among the 383,000 Diplomats produced during the 13-year run, the 1985 model year accounted for 39,000 units, including the specimen being offered for sale.

Luxurious Salon Edition: A Class Above the Rest

While this particular Dodge Diplomat may sport “dog dish” hub caps and raised white letter tires, it never served as a police vehicle. Instead, it embraces the deluxe Salon trim, positioning itself as a luxurious option within its lineup. As a step above the Plymouth Gran Fury and just below the Chrysler Fifth Avenue, the Diplomat shared its body design with its sister models. The seller assures us that this vehicle runs and drives exceptionally well, maintaining its roadworthiness despite the passage of time. With only 89,500 miles on the reliable small-block Chrysler engine, it is evident that this classic beauty still has many stories left to tell. Notably, surface rust is present on the power brake booster, contrasting with the overall well-preserved condition of the vehicle.

Preserving the Original Glory

True to its classic nature, this Dodge Diplomat exhibits a rust-free body, showcasing the impeccable care it has received over the years. The burgundy/red paint remains in good condition, albeit some fading and peeling on the upward-facing surfaces. The matching vinyl top and velour interior contribute to the car’s overall appeal, with the latter maintaining its excellent condition, partially attributed to the vehicle’s non-smoking history. While the factory A/C requires a replenishment of freon, it’s worth noting that the left-side windows tend to disengage from their tracks when fully rolled down. The only potential obstacle one may face is obtaining a new title from the local DMV, as the current title for this automobile is reportedly missing. Nevertheless, the charm and nostalgia embodied by this vehicle make it a true relic of the past.


The 1985 Dodge Diplomat serves as a living reminder of the craftsmanship and engineering prowess of a bygone era. Its V8 power, rear-wheel drive, and undeniable presence on the road set it apart from the crowd. Despite the limitations of its time, this classic beauty continues to evoke a sense of awe and admiration. With its well-preserved condition, luxurious features, and enduring appeal, the 1985 Dodge Diplomat remains a coveted gem for enthusiasts and collectors alike. Embracing a unique blend of nostalgia and performance, this vehicle stands as a testament to the artistry and ingenuity of old-school engineering. As we bid farewell to an era long past, the Dodge Diplomat proudly holds its place in the annals of automotive history.