Chevrolet has a rich legacy of introducing game-changing vehicles to the market. The Super Sport (SS) package, first unveiled on the 1961 Impala, has since graced an impressive array of cars and trucks. Despite its prevalence, the SS badge has occasionally ventured into unusual territory, most notably with the mysterious SS 427 of 1967. On the surface, this two-door hardtop was indistinguishable from its Impala counterpart but bore a secret weapon – a mighty V8 engine.

The SS Lineage: From Impala to the Offbeat

Chevrolet has offered the SS package across a variety of vehicles, such as the Chevelle, Camaro, El Camino, and Silverado, demonstrating its versatility. Unorthodox offerings also exist, such as a 2003 concept car and the 2014-2017 high-performance four-door sedan, a clone of the Holden Commodore.

However, one of the most peculiar SS models was the two-door hardtop launched between 1967 and 1969. Known as the SS 427, it was essentially an Impala SS, equipped with a 427-cubic-inch (7.0-liter) L36 or L72 engine, devoid of any “Impala” badges.

Seizing the Moment: The Birth of the SS 427

Though it may seem an unusual decision now, the Impala SS and SS 427 split in 1967 came as Impala SS sales were waning. Chevy looked to reignite interest with the introduction of option code Z24, bringing several high-performance enhancements, such as a heavy-duty suspension and a 427 L36 V8, boasting a whopping 385 horsepower.

Subtle Looks, Fierce Power: The SS 427’s Unique Appeal

The Z24 package also featured a unique appearance trim, replacing all “Impala SS” emblems with “SS 427” badges and introducing distinctive crossed-flag logos. One standout addition was a stylish hood with a decorative, three-piece chrome-plated intake.

The SS 427 was quite the rare gem, with only 2,124 hardtops ordered with the RPO Z24 package in 1967. To put this into perspective, Chevrolet sold 76,055 Impala SS models that year. The humble-looking two-door featured here is one of those exceptional vehicles.

Preserving the Past: A Pristine SS 427

Presented in a sleek Tuxedo Black with all its original badges intact, this SS 427 is a true blast from the past. With under 56,000 miles (90,123 km) on the clock, this Chevy’s original 427 V8 still packs a punch, complemented by era-appropriate redline tires. It’s just as impressive on the inside, boasting a range of coveted features.

The SS 427: A Sleeper With a Roar

Despite its unassuming black-on-black ensemble, this SS 427 is not one to go unnoticed. Its 385-horsepower engine propels it to 60 mph (97 kph) in an instant, providing a driving experience as exhilarating as when it first rolled off the factory floor. This vehicle, even by today’s standards, truly embodies the term “sleeper.”

Living On: The SS 427’s Unique Legacy

The SS 427 holds an intriguing place in the SS lineage. It continued until 1969, outlasting the Impala SS by a year. This was a result of Chevrolet’s decision to retire the “Impala SS” badges after 1968, leaving the Z24 as the sole high-performance offering for 1969. As a final act, the ultimate SS 427 introduced a top-tier 427 V8 rated at an incredible 425 horsepower.


Chevrolet’s 1967 SS 427 serves as a compelling chapter in the brand’s storied history. Despite its ordinary exterior, it housed an extraordinary power under its hood that made it a true gem among the car enthusiasts. It’s a testament to Chevrolet’s innovative spirit, forever redefining what it means to be a classic.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the Chevrolet SS 427? The Chevrolet SS 427 is a high-performance, two-door hardtop car introduced between 1967 and 1969. It was similar to the Impala SS but featured a 427-cubic-inch (7.0-liter) V8 engine and lacked any “Impala” badges.

2. How many SS 427 were produced in 1967? Only 2,124 hardtops were ordered with the RPO Z24 package in 1967, making the SS 427 a rare model.

3. What is the horsepower of the SS 427? The SS 427 came with a 427 L36 V8, rated at 385 horsepower. The final model year in 1969 saw a boost to 425 horsepower.

4. What is unique about the appearance of the SS 427? The SS 427 replaced all “Impala SS” emblems with “SS 427” badges and added unique crossed-flag logos. It also featured a special hood with a decorative, three-piece chrome-plated intake.

5. What does “sleeper” mean in car terminology? A “sleeper” refers to a car that looks unassuming or ordinary but houses a powerful engine, much like the SS 427.